Tunes From Doolin

Episode 01 - Hugh Healy (Concertina)

August 25, 2021 Tunes From Doolin Episode 1
Tunes From Doolin
Episode 01 - Hugh Healy (Concertina)
Show Notes

Our guest on this episode of the Tunes From Doolin Podcast is Hugh Healy, concertina player from Corofin, Co. Clare. Hugh just released his first solo album called “ceolaire” and we talk about his concertina journey, different aspects of his playing, the making of his new CD and the importance of listening.

The tunes played by Hugh Healy on this episode are :

  • The Moving Cloud / Matt Peoples' (Reels)
  • McGivney's Fancy / The Birds / The Mathematician (Hornpipes)*
  • Planxty Fitzgerald (comp. Michael Rooney)
  • Winnie Hayes' / Mac's Fancy (Jigs)**

*Actual track from Hugh's new album "Ceolaire"
**Duet with Charles Monod

To order Hugh Healy's new album "Ceolaire", visit his bandcamp page :

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